Your Intro to Float Spas

A float spa creates a sense of peace and tranquility

Your average layperson, not well versed in the intricacies of advanced rest and relaxation, might not even be aware of what a float spa exactly is. However, float studios are certainly one of the most popular revolutions in the space industry to date. If you’re interested in the spa business and want to get in on this cutting-edge trend, you’ll need to understand how they differ from a regular spa – and what this means for their liabilities waivers as well. 

So What is a Float Spa?

A float spa, or float studio, is a day spa facility that makes use of the technology known as “float pods”. As the name suggests, these are pods that a visitor can climb into and fit entirely inside. The pods are filled with water and Epsom salt, meaning that inside, you’ll be neutrally buoyant and float – hence the name. 

So why the pod? The idea behind float therapy is someone similar to sensory deprivation chambers. Inside there is no noise or distractions. Since you are floating, there’s also no pressure on the body, meaning any joint pain vanishes as well. This means that the float pod creates about as relaxing an environment as possible. 

Beyond the obvious health benefits of reaching total relaxation, the mixture of salts inside a float spa is designed to improve the health of skin, hair, and nails. This means that after a day at a float spa, you not only feel great – you look amazing as well! 

Many float studios do try to expand the full range of their services, however. Some of them ramp up the float pod experience into larger “float cabins”, suitable for multiple people. Some try to move beyond just offering sensory deprivation, with float pods that try to mimic the experience of being in the ocean, or under the night sky.

Float studios can also expand their offerings to include more traditional spa fare, such as massages and facials. No matter if you want to disconnect from the stresses of work, or float away aches pains, a float studio is a place to go!

What are the Liabilities?

For those of you in the spa space, setting up a floating studio sounds like the perfect way to make your business a unique one. However, it does come with some new challenges – and that’s not just to do with setting up the float therapy facilities themselves.

Putting in float pods moves your studio to be somewhat closer to an aquatic center than a traditional spa. This means that you have some additional liabilities to concern yourself with, such as the danger of infections, or negative skin reactions in customers with certain skin conditions, or using particular skincare products. 

However, these kinds of customers aren’t just putting themself at risk. If they end up contaminating one of the float pods, you may have to pay a fee for a full salt replacement in your tanks. Add in the risks of customers with medical conditions going unconscious and being at risk of drowning, and you have a whole new set of concerns to deal with. 

A good float studio release of liability form won’t just waive your responsibility for the risks involved. It will also make it clear that it is the responsibility of the customer, upon giving their real or online signature, to help pay for damages done to your facility caused by them ignoring your safety rules.

Sounds like a lot to handle? If you’re opening a business to help people reduce their stress, you shouldn’t have to worry about stress yourself. Sit back, relax, and let WaiverForever handle all the complex paperwork and legal documents. We’ve helped float spas in the past (just like your dream one) convert their liability waivers to PDFs online. So check out what we offer, and let WaiverForever handle the tough stuff – soon you’ll be as stress-free as your visitors!