How Online Waiver Analytics Provide Significant Customer Insight

WaiverForever online waiver analytics dashboard

You’re running a successful business, but do you know enough about your customers to successfully scale up?

Discovering and understanding the thoughts and habits of your customers is key to growing your business. As we continue to grow WaiverForever’s services, we wanted to ensure users could gain access to customer insights in a meaningful way at no additional cost to them.

The result is our fully-customizable Waiver Analytics dashboard.

The insights you will discover on this dashboard allow you to make smarter business decisions. By learning when, why and how they are accessing your business, you can better engage loyal customers and reach new ones.

WaiverForever’s analytics reports are fully-customizable to show the insights you need with color-coded graphs and charts. Reports are easily exported as PDFs to share with other decision-makers.

Read on to learn more about how you can use the insights found on your Waiver Analytics dashboard.

waiverforever online waiver dashboard

1. Daily Customer Numbers and Busiest Times of Day

Knowing when your customers are flocking to your business or staying away is key to any successful business strategy.

Waiver Analytics lets you easily view how many clients accessed your business by hour, day, week or month. You can also set custom time ranges to see how your traffic rises and falls over time. The displayed graph also shows you comparative data for the previous period.

Online waiver numbers of visitors

Below that you will find our visitor density chart that allows you to easily see what times of day are busiest using a color scale. 

Online waiver visitor check in density chart

Both of these charts provide valuable insight to help you plan your staffing, engagement, and promotion.

The information provided by these two charts can help you:

  • Discover changing seasonality trends year over year
  • Determine the best month/day/time to offer promotions
  • Assist with staff scheduling

2. Customer Demographic Information

You can set up graphs or charts that will display key demographic information about your customers that you capture in your waivers. You can easily view the breakdown of gender, age, and how many parents with young children are accessing your services.

3. Customer Insights From Surveys

Questions that you include in your waiver allow you to learn valuable marketing insights about your customers.

WaiverForever also provides you with the opportunity to easily view the results of the customizable survey answers you include in your waivers. Our color-coded charts and graphs make discovering and presenting customer insights a snap.

The questions you choose to include in your waivers can help you make smarter business decisions. 

Examples of questions you might include in a waiver include:

  • At which event/location are you signing in today?
  • Where did you hear about us?
  • Is this your first visit with us?
  • Have you used any of our other services?
  • Do you have any of the following medical conditions?

Answers to these questions help you better understand your customers so you can design new promotions, services, and smarter marketing campaigns.

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