Safeguarding Spa Businesses with Electronic Waivers

spa waiver forms for spa growth

There have been plenty of news cases where spas have experienced hardship due to common risks. Get ahead of these risks with electronic waivers and experience the additional perks, which include widening the market and gaining more clients.

Three common risks spas face

  1. Issues with cleanliness

Problem: Crowds of people walk through spas every day and may leave their mess or germs behind. It happens everywhere that’s well-frequented, things get dirty and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. As much as spas will do their best to maintain cleanliness, there might be slip-ups, like a wet spot on the floor that someone could slip in or a full garbage that has an unpleasant smell.

Solution: While customers might still get upset about these things, they’re kept from taking any legal action by outlining these types of things in the spa liability waiver form.

  1. Accessibility problems

Problem: While most spas are likely doing their best to cater to everyone in 2023, there are still scenarios where some customers will feel they can’t participate due to accessibility issues, or they can participate, but the experience is not ideal. This can upset some customers and make them feel like they’re being discriminated against.

Solution: Spa waiver forms can be used to outline the procedures of different spa experiences and how the customer will experience them based on their accessibility requirements. This sets up the customer with clear expectations.

  1. Infections or reactions

Problem: Spas use plenty of different solutions, chemicals, products, fragrances, oils, and more. Whether the spa uses strictly natural ingredients or not, some customers might react badly to a product or develop an infection from a spa activity.

Solution: It’s impossible to know whether someone is more or less likely to react or develop an infection from something, especially if it’s their first time in contact with said substance. That’s why spa liability waiver forms should outline these risks so it doesn’t become the responsibility of the spa.

How electronic waivers provide a leg up from paper waivers

Paper waivers are a thing of the past. Instead, opt for electronic waivers which can be edited easily and managed in a digital waiver software to address any customer concerns. Electronic waivers offer quick and easy ways to customize a waiver for different scenarios and customers so the spa business is always protected and the customer is always aware of the risks.

The perks of using spa waiver forms

  1. Hygiene and cleanliness guidelines

In spas, this is crucial, and a section that customers will look for to ensure they feel comfortable using the facilities. The waiver not only sets the customers’ minds at ease, but it outlines the hygiene and cleanliness expectations that the facility employees must meet.

  1. Brand identity

As with anything attached to the business, spa waiver forms are an additional way of building a strong and respected brand identity. Not only will they protect the brand, but they will also outline the values and efforts of the spa business.

  1. Consumer-specific treatments

Electronic waivers make consumer-specific treatments easy. Not every waiver will apply to everyone, especially if a customer has specific needs or is only participating in one, special treatment. Spa waiver forms allow consumer-specific experiences that narrow in on the risks and create a more personalized customer experience.

  1. Wider demographic

Did you know baby spas are becoming popular? They didn’t always exist, but they’re made possible through elaborate spa liability waiver forms. This means a wider demographic for the spa, growth, and increased revenue. What other demographics can be reached with spa waiver forms?

Extend your audience with waiver forms

Spa waiver forms have more powers than protecting your business (although that’s their main purpose). With Waiver Forever, you can extend your audience, build brand identity, and clearly outline the expectations for the business, employees, and customers. Request a demo today.