Trampoline Park Waivers

Sports gym trampoline

With the colder months around the corner (as of writing), it might seem like a lot of outdoor pleasures are out of reach – such as the humble trampoline. However, in many places, you can still indulge your need to bounce at trampoline parks. These indoor sports gym venues are increasingly popular among children and adults alike.

What is also increasing is, of course, trampoline-related injuries. A trampoline in your backyard is dangerous enough if used improperly. Trampoline parks can provide a host of additional risks, with multiple jumpers, and additional facilities such as foam pits. 

It’s for this reason that if you are an owner of a trampoline or “sky zone” establishment, you should consider preparing some trampoline waivers to better protect yourself from legal liability. 

Why Do You Need a Trampoline Liability Waiver?

A trampoline park might not seem as “high action” as some other “activity zones” such as paintball or bungee jumping. However, a trampoline park involves an elevated level of risk for both minor and major injuries – this is just a natural consequence of having a space with a lot of people (many of them young) flying around. By providing an online waiver form, you can help reduce the legal liability of your company. 

What Should the Liability Waiver Forms Cover? 

Before you can make your sky zone waiver, you’ll have to decide what you can reasonably expect to waive liability for. To do this, you’ll have to understand the most common injuries that are found at a trampoline park

Your waiver should acknowledge that usage of a trampoline park can lead to damage to teeth, bones, spinal cords, and brains, of severity up until death. It is important for the waiver to state that while safety measures can reduce these risks, there is no way to entirely eliminate them. 

Will Trampoline Waivers Offer Full Protection? 

Do note that while a liability waiver form can reduce your legal liability, it cannot eliminate it entirely. You still need to prove that you took the steps necessary to make your sports gym area as safe as possible. Otherwise, you could still be nailed on negligence.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that all of your equipment is properly maintained. Most obviously, this means the trampolines – you want no rusted or worn out parts, or exposed springs. However, many sky zone entertainment areas will have amenities beyond just places to bounce. If you have a “foam pit”, you’ll want to make sure that there is a net with clearance at the bottom, and that the “foam” is constantly replaced. Plenty of padding everywhere is the best bet, to avoid serious harm to heads and necks. 

You also want to make sure that there are strict safety protocols in place and that all attendees are made aware of them – both before and after they’ve signed their waivers. However, you’ll also want to make sure that you are very clearly enforcing these safety protocols. Younger children should have their own areas to bounce, without teenagers or older children allowed in, for example. 

It’s also vital to have plenty of staff around keeping an eye out for unsafe behavior. This can help prevent emergencies before they even begin. It will also demonstrate that you were taking as many precautions as possible to keep everyone safe.

Obviously, running a trampoline park should be all about the fun. But safety and fun should go hand in hand – do your best to keep everyone as safe as possible, and let a trampoline waiver handle the rest!